Tylecote House

Tylecote Residential Care Home, 10 Furness Road, Morecambe was established in 1992. The home accommodates 9 adults 18 years and over, from both sexes who have a Learning Disability. The ages of the present service users are 34 to 61 years. The house is a Victorian, three storey semi-detached property situated in a quiet residential street in Heysham, Morecambe. The house is on a main bus route. There are a number of local shops and other community facilities close by that are easily accessed by the service users.

The aim of Tylecote is to provide a home life environment for adults with Learning Disabilities. The number of vacancies arising for new residents is minimal. There is a significant emphasis on learning through doing. Our services users are encouraged and supported to be actively involved in day-to-day tasks in the home. This is aimed at developing independence in self-care, domestic competence and daily living skills. We use a variety of different Person Centred tools to help us find out what is most important to the individual and their aspirations and goals. These plans and goals are regularly reviewed and changes made according to needs and aspirations.

The Registered person is Miss Sylvia Peters, the Operations Managers is Mrs Nichola Buczynski and the Registered Manager is Miss Julie Brown.